A selection of online resources for the history of women humanitarians.
19 August 2021

The long history of women humanitarians

Women have been involved in emergency relief operations since the second half of the nineteenth century. Nevertheless, little is known about their history in comparison to that of their male colleagues. Here you can find some examples of research which aims to provide a better understanding of the action of humanitarians in the Europe of Empires in the light of gender, class, race, ethnic and religious relations.
24 November 2021

War Godmothers

War godmothers were women who volunteered to correspond with soldiers and prisoners of war during the First World War.
19 August 2021

Claire Bertschinger (1953-)

Claire Bertschinger director of Tropical Nursing Studies at the Londond School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
23 June 2022

Colonial and Transnational Intimacies: Medical Humanitarianism in the French external Resistance

19 August 2021

Elisabeth Wilson (1910-2000)

Elisabeth Wilson was an English humanitarian from the northern town of Huddersfield.
19 August 2021

Emily Hobhouse (1860-1926)

Emily Hobhouse was a British nurse and militant pacifist known for her opposition to British concentration camps during the Second Anglo-Boer War.
13 June 2022

Feeling Humanitarianism during the Spanish Civil War

“Feeling humanitarianism during the Spanish civil war and Republican exile,” Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 21(4): 445-457.
19 August 2021

Jeanne Egger

Jeanne Egger was the first woman to become an ICRC delegate in 1963, almost 100 years after the Geneva Convention was signed!
23 June 2022

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